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Elemental Digital

Travel photography, vivid landscapes, and shiny things. Under construction.

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The only Facebook product I can tolerate…for now. I accept non-bot requests and follow back anyone I meet in real life.

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Movies I’m in. Skilled in getting killed needlessly 🙂

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Also email me for my cell phone #.
I do not have access to Instagram direct messages.

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Snapchat: @brian8m
Telegram: @brianx

About Me

Hi, you’ve reached the website of Brian Marquez. There are many people named Brian Marquez in this world, but you’re looking at this one.

I do website things, programming things, travel things, trading things, and photography things.

I graduated with a Computer Science degree from USC, did independent web development for a few years, worked at Apple developing automated QA tools for OS X & Xcode for a few years, and independently developed semi-automated trading systems for the futures markets.

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Facebook, LOL

If you use Facebook you should be aware that you can be banned at anytime, as has happened to some friends due to mass fabricated reports or unusual names.

If not permanently banned, you may be asked to upload your government ID or bank statements to Facebook to continue using your account or even reporting issues with someone else’s account (as in my case…and no, I didn’t.)

Besides that, you deal with “friends” who didn’t even vote trying to lecture you on politics.

So yes, after a decade, I’m deleting my account…slowly unfriending *everyone* and ignoring new requests.

If this applies to you, please don’t take it personally, I probably should have messaged you first though.